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It’s four AM and I’m too anxious to sleep. It’s my last night in my second apartment as I get ready to pack up and move to my new apartment next week. Scrolling through Instagram I realize that not only am I leaving another home, but my friends who are moving are leaving Davis for good. It’s the end of a chapter in their lives a I continue mine here and it’s brought tears to my eyes realizing that no one immediate is going to be here for me within a phone call if I were to need them. All of my close friends are moving on with their lives and it’s scary that I won’t have these friends for help whether its tutoring or to help me fix my bike.

I believe that I’ve held it together pretty well for the past few months with the graduations and hearing about everyone’s grad schools and new jobs, but seeing two of my closest guy friends off today and realizing that my roommate is moving back to the bay makes me feel so sad. I’m happy for them and scared for myself. I know everyone’s paths are different and I’m so glad that I was blessed and fortunate to have theirs cross mine. Granted there are a handful of fifth years like me who will remain in Davis but realizing that those closest to me leave has brought some weird emotions I’ve never felt before. All I can say is that I am so grateful for meeting them and I can only hope to keep in touch for as long as possible.

Note: sorry for any grammatical errors, I’ll come back and fix this up later. Typing from an itouch is so difficult especially in the dark while i’m shaking and sobbing. meh.