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There are many memories that we’ve created in these past ten weeks that have become constant, yet subtle reminders of him everywhere I go. Even when I’m not thinking of him, links of thoughts will lead me back to how another stranger – this really funny, smart, good-looking guy- became something so much more than that. He makes me feel so special, unique, beautiful, that all of my insecurities seem to wash and fade away slowly as my trust in him builds.

It’s funny how the world works. We’ve been apart and haven’t seen each other for three days now and it’s felt like forever. I forgot how these mini long-distance periods of a relationship can be, especially since it happens when my quarters are over and there is almost absolutely nothing better to do than lounge around with my SO. I guess it helps that he travels for work, but being able to see him after a long day of classes really made a lot of my evenings so much better throughout this fall quarter. It’s crazy to see/think how our relationship has grown in a matter of weeks, but it’s been nothing but fun and pure joy. πŸ™‚

As our relationship progresses, I’m so excited and happy to know that I really am fortunate to love and be loved by an amazing guy like him. I didn’t think it’d happen again anytime soon, but I think the both of us were at a point in our lives where we were comfortable with being alone and in our own elements, so some type of [good] disruption was bound to happen. Somehow we coincided paths and it’s been mending well together and continually is. And I couldn’t be anymore grateful for him.


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