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Coming Down to the Wire.

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It’s the last week of my undergrad career. 

It’s hard to reflect because so much has happened in five years. As I prep for my last three finals, I run through a vast spectrum of emotions. Graduation is Friday and I just hope I can let it sink in to enjoy every bit of it. This has been nothing short of an amazing, fun, learning experience that I will always hold so dear to my heart. I’ve met so many wonderful people that I’m thankful to call my friends today. There’s too many random memories to flash back on, but every bit of this undergrad experience has made me who I am today, and for that, I wouldn’t have given up these past five years for anything. 

At the end of every chapter is a new one, and I’m hoping that whatever is in store next will not only increase my personal growth, but also my strength. This past year has been a physically challenging one for me and with little improvement, I’m hoping to get through this with more mental strength. 

To the next chapter. 

I’m happier, but I’m still trying to find my ultimate happiness.