Daily Archives: September 8, 2014

Self Care

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A new door recently opened for me, and before I knew it, it closed… maybe even slammed. It was an opportunity I’m glad I took, but it’s too bad things didn’t work out. I am a true believer of things happening for a reason. But we live and we move on. I’ve learned a lot within a week and a half and now I’m ready for what’s really ahead of me. In the meantime, I’ve become more? anemic and am having a hard time recovering from some minor injuries. My immune system probably still isn’t the best, but heck my joints have been. It’s been a solid month now that my joints have been the best they’ve been all year. I’m pretty much fully functioning again, including my shoulder. It’s only every so often that I’ll feel an ache, and these new meds are working wonders. I’m hesitant to try any sports and still can’t throw a football like I used to, but this is the best progress I’ve made since being diagnosed last July.

Alright, 2015 will be a good year. I’m stating that now even though there’s a quarter of this year left. I’m prepared for the next chapter in my life although I know nothing of what that is just yet. I’m getting closer and closer, I know it.

Also, a reminder of how to take care of myself and not just be a loathing couch potato.