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How am I to make progress when my mind keeps racing back and forth? I’m done with having my thoughts lead me back to some random happy moment that was indeed fleeting and is now and forever just a memory – a happy moment with a person I once cared so much for.

Why does he visit me in my dreams? My dreams are always vague and fluffy, but I know he’s there when I’ve awaken.

And to think I’ve struck up serendipitous conversation with three individuals within these past few weeks that were certainly a gleam of light. I venture out on my own for moments like that and so far, it’s been nothing but refreshing.

Why revert when there is so much progress? I think what brings me back the most is the fact that I knew that I was going carry myself out of the dark black hole I have been stuck in for more than a few years now and wanted to grow and progress together. I’ve almost had a complete 180 turnaround since June. It’s amazing what positive energy can do; being optimistic certainly opens the window for more radiance. I just don’t want this sparkle to dull…

New job going into the end of 2015 and I really still can’t believe that my life has changed so much in a matter of weeks. Within one month I went from constant anxiety and practically skipping lunches to flexible hours and a fully stocked fridge. I almost feel like I’m doing less for more at this time, but like people said – it’s only just the beginning.

A very great beginning to end the year with. Yes, I was miserable, but I know my first position came to me for a reason as everything else in this universe seems to. I’m feeling ever so fortunate and will certainly hold 2015 as being nothing but a year full of growth and experiences.

And that’s what matters the most – personal growth.

Next up for 2016: personal health. Still an on-going issue with the RA, but I think I’ve just learned to tolerate it better. My stomach / colon haven’t been reacting the best, but I’m eating better and just gotta sleep better to help balance myself out. Cos’ entropy is constant and we certainly need to learn how to tameΒ it.

I’m still progressing and I’ve learned within these past few weeks that time waits for no one.

Everything really does happen for a reason.