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Back on it due to several complications from this past month.

The pharmacist warned it’d make me moody. I was reluctant for a reason- I have a love-hate relationship with it, but it is what it is.

And yet, here I am getting a bit emotional when I have a moment to myself with my thoughts.

I’m doing better, but not well.

But little progres is better than no progress.

It’s been awhile but I haven’t felt like updating my life. I think I only document the negatives, but I need to remind myself of the positives…

In June, I was able to drive back up from home without having an anxiety attack beforehand. That was a huge step.

So yes, I am doing better- messed up elbow, anemia and all…

It’s a three-year mark since diagnosis and I’m sick of being sick, but I constantly have to remind myself that it could be worse.

It it could be worse…


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I'm Sendy. Trying to figure out my path in life post-undergrad.

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