The One that got away…

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Looking back on mutual friends who had potential, there weren’t many guys that would have been considered placed in the ‘more than’ category/bucket. There is one friend whom I certainly did flirt with that did reciprocate, but the timing was just not there?

I question that timing since I may have been too naive to really act on those feelings and rely, or moreso focus, on a different friendship at the time (which did turn into a 13-month relationship). When I reflect on one specific incident of me asking him to tie my shoe during IM football practice with nothing but giggles, he may have hesitated, but still did so with a grin on his face. I think on that very day I hurt him since my ‘friend’ ended up coming to practice and walking me home later…

That friend was only supposed to be a friend had we not hung out together every day around those weeks of football practice and the beginning of Fall Quarter. We even talked about both of us not certainly looking to be in a relationship, but the comfortable companionship factor took place and he kissed me on a whim. That first kiss wasn’t the most memorable but the relationship that spawned from it certainly was…

now that was a slight tangent from guy number one, so… well, we basically held off and didn’t see much of each other the remaining of that school year, but that’s that. Life would be much more different had I went with those feelings instead of making plans with the new friend. But everything happens for a reason and what we’re small moments of butterflies and giggles immediately vanished.

i believe he’s with someone now, but as long as he’s happy right? There’s a small ‘what if’ questioning that only came to fruition after some thought and his name resurfaced. But sometimes life is funny and destiny or fate just happens to not have been so with this particular person.

I guess life gave me two lemons lemons and I decided to go with the nice one I knew would create good, decent juice instead of going with the unconventional one that I had a hunch on.

And that’s that.

He was (and is) a smart, charming, funny guy with a great smile and personality. Heck they both were. But something about me just makes me think that he is the one who got away, even though he was never mine to begin with. He’s well traveled, into sports, photography, and loves TSwift just as much of not more than me…

We just won’t ever know.


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