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It’s Been A Long Time Since You’ve Felt Like Yourself — Remember that everything is temporary.

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sergiochoy98 I know the feeling. Better than you might think. The feeling that your best days are behind you. That your best self is behind you. The feeling that the person you used to be, the passions you used to have and the life you used to want for yourself, are hopelessly detached from the…

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I almost felt it.

I think my heart has always been guarded. Something in me never falls for the guy as quickly as he falls for me. It sounds bad, but it’s the truth. I’ve always been… cautious.

What was two dates turned into three. And by the end of the third date, I knew.
He wasn’t the one.
And that’s just too bad.

Time keeps moving; seasons change; life goes on.

He’s out there. I think my mind and heart will coincide when that moment happens, when I know. When lust hits me hard next time and the butterflies flutter endlessly.

I’ll know.

Side Note: It’s been two years since we’ve been apart. UGH JUST GET OVER IT. Seriously. Get out of my head and let me move on for once and for all. Why did you set up this impossible standard? It’s not impossible, but with all these lackluster dates it seems so. There’s someone out there that will complement me while being able to communicate with me. I know it.